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the Nabokov Project


is the work of singer/songwriter/photographer m gargo.  The project was born in a basement in Eau Claire, WI in 1998 (two doors down from "third and lake it burnt away the hallway was where we learned to celebrate" of Bon Iver's "Holocene"). [Birthplace]


While originally formed as a collaboration among friends ("Japanese Pop" with Thea Morton Vorass on Cello), the original incarnation was stunted by sickness and passing of Ted Leslie (its original drummer) and never finished but 3 songs and never debuted in public. 


The project continues across the last twenty years as the outlet for the lo-fi musings of m gargo, whose songs call upon the influences of early-Cure & R.E.M. with the sloppy & confessional overtones of Bright Eyes. 

Interview with VolumeOne Magazine

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